What Causes Chapped Lips and How Can Lip Balm Prevent Them?

What Causes Chapped Lips and How Can Lip Balm Prevent Them

The lip skin is comparatively much thinner and more sensitive than the skin of other places. So the lips are always at risk of becoming chapped. Also, the lips are more exposed to external conditions than the rest of the body. So there are more chances of lips becoming dry and having cracks. Therefore, lip care must never be neglected. It is advised to use nourishing products on lips and increase the water uptake, especially in dry winters.  

When it comes to lip products, lip balms, and chapsticks are the most common products. Lip alms are recently becoming popular due to their natural origin and many benefits. As soon as the winter strikes, the shops become filled with the many lip balm display boxes. You can always find a display box on the shelves of the market. Also, there are many types of lip balms, so all the displays are personalized according to them. Therefore, you can find custom lip balm display boxes in the markets most of the time.

Chapped Lips Causes and Prevention:

You often get chapped lips, but it might not necessarily be caused by dehydration. There are many causes of the chapping that most are not aware of. However, the lip balm can help heal the lips no matter the cause. There are many different types of lip balms that help to deal with various issues. For example, there are moisturizing lip balms for dryness and SPF lip balms for sunburns. It is safe to say that lip balms can help your lips in many different ways. Also, these benefits of lip balms have increased its market significantly. You can now find lip balm display boxes in almost every shop.

What Causes Chapped Lips and How Can Lip Balm Prevent Them

For the correct choice of lip balm, you must be aware of the cause of lip chapping. Here are the major causes of lip chapping and their solutions through lip balms: 

Dry and Cold Weather:

The weather is the major cause behind lip chapping and drying. This is the reason that people who live in dry areas with cold winters need lip products often. You can lose lip moisture in dry weather. Also, the harsh dry air can further exaggerate the situation of your lips. The lip chapping due to weather can be prevented readily through lip balms. You can apply any hydrating lip products to lock the moisture inside the lips.

Frequently Licking your Lips:

Many people are not aware that frequent licking can increase lip flaking. When saliva evaporates, the lips get further dried. So it is advised to use lip products instead of frequent licking. People who are not aware of this cause often find it difficult to heal their lips. They have developed the habit of lip-licking and have chapping and peeling lips. Thus, they can place a thick lip balm layer over their lips to prevent lip cracking.


Dehydration is another major cause of lip chapping and flaking. The dehydration might be due to the lack of water intake. Also, it can be caused by the hot and cold air. The harsh weather conditions might dry out your lips. The best way to heal dehydrated lips is by using moisturizing lip balms. These lip balms help to heal the lips thoroughly. Moreover, lip balms form a barrier, so they prevent further dehydration.

Moisture Stripping Cosmetics:

Many cosmetic products dry out on the lips. For example, the liquid matte lipsticks, despite their popularity, can cause extreme drying of lips. Many people who use such moisture stripping cosmetics end up with dried, flaking, and bleeding lips. However, you can enjoy these cosmetics after applying a lip balm. You have to wear a lip balm and let it dry out on your lip. When you apply these cosmetics after wearing lip balm, the lip balm barrier prevents the lips from drying.

UV Rays:

UV rays are also one of the causes of increased lip chapping. Nowadays, with the increasing pollution, our surroundings are filled with harmful UV rays. These harmful radiations affect not only your skin but also your lips. Many people neglect lip care and only wear sunscreen on their skin. However, the lip skin needs to be protected from these rays. For this, you apply SPF lip balms over the lip. These SPF lip balms have a UV protection element in addition to a moisturizing effect.


In conclusion, there are several lip balms to deal with the various causes of lip chapping. No matter the cause, versatile lip products can help heal the flaking. Therefore, purchase products of your need from the lip balm display boxes in shops.