Tips and Tricks for the New Mom

How to Be the Best You Can Be

The first thing to remember is that if you focus on just “being there”, you’ll do more for your baby than many parents. However, in all likelihood, you want your legacy as a mom to be more than just a recognition of “presence”. You want to arm your child for the world they’ll inherit, and do so in a way that’s as comfortable for you and your little one as possible.

Following we’ll briefly explore three tips and tricks for the new mom to help you attain and maintain a maternal rhythm you’re proud of.

1. Work With Friends, Relatives, and Parental Support Groups

First, you don’t know everything, no matter how much you research. Second, everybody needs help on occasion. So, third, you should lean on friends and relatives for things like daycare and advice as you enter the mothering arena for the first time. Also, keep in mind that you can’t always get in contact with mom, dad, or your best friend.

There will be many situations where you have to “outsource” the sort of help and advice you get, owing to a lack of availability. In that scenario, parental support groups can be very important. They not only give you information, they can help you find resources like daycare or government programs for single parents.

2. Find Lactation Professionals for Best Breastfeeding Results

Next, you want to assure that you’ve got options for when breastfeeding doesn’t go as it should. Latching issues, mastitis, clogged milk ducts, nipple soreness, engorged breasts that won’t express (or a lack of milk production); all can be solved through lactation support specialists. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying different breastfeeding positions.

3. Seek Expanding Financial Income

A new baby will cost about $60 a day, Monday through Friday. If you throw in the weekend, you’re looking at $42 to $50 a day, depending. Look at it this way: try to find a way of adding $1,300 a month to your income; that’ll be your average parenting expense through your child’s eighteenth birthday, adjusted for inflation.

You can do this by eliminating spurious spending, cooking at home, walking instead of driving when possible, carpooling, and garage sales. It also makes sense to look online for opportunities that may help increase your monthly income most notably gig economy jobs. There are options out there, find what you can do consistently and skillfully.

With decentralized work infrastructure, you can find one-off jobs online that fit your schedule, which is ideal for the new mom.

Giving Yourself a Leg Up as a Mom

Being a parent is expensive and complicated, but if you get the right advice from the right people, follow the advice of lactation specialists, and increase your monthly income, you’ll position yourself to be a strong mother. Remember, there will always be ups and downs, but despite the challenge, you are able to be the mom you always thought you could be.