Quest Food Management Services Hiring for New Positions on Their Team

Quest Food Management Services are hiring for more positions to fill their teams

Quest Food Management Services has plenty of positions open. The right employees for these teams can uphold their values alongside other tasks while experiencing a positive work environment and various benefits.

Understanding what is expected of you in these positions and what working for them offers you help you follow through on the application process. 

Keep reading to explore everything available to you.

The Culture of Working at Quest Food Management Services

Working with them is about more than how you can perform in your teams. Employees deserve the same level of respect expected of them. 

They offer various high-quality benefits and follow through on treating employees well.

Quest Food Management Services Benefits

Quest Foods employees have access to various insurance benefits, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Occupational accident insurance
  • Disability
  • Life and supplemental life insurance policies

You can also open a Health Savings Account for a 401K for future planning.

Quest Food Management Reviews

Quest foods commit to creating a positive work environment for all employees, following through on these benefits. You may clearly understand the culture and expectations early on, and communication ensures that no one gets overlooked. 

Employees highlight Quest Foods’ ability to provide a clear sense of purpose and help them reach personal goals. Quest Food Management Services reviews have an overwhelming presence of positive reviews on LinkedIn and GlassDoor.

Positions to Consider at Quest Food Management Services

The position available for Quest Food Management Services are constantly changing, but some basic positions include:

  • Baristas
  • Cashiers
  • Catering attendants
  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Executive chefs
  • Kitchen supervisors

For an updated list of which positions are available, check out the Quest Foods recruiting page.

Regardless of which position you choose, expect to hold up the primary responsibilities of a Quest Foods employee. You should demonstrate a commitment to the company vision and values to provide efficient and friendly service.

Quest Foods emphasizes effective communication, and employees should be able to talk to others on their team and provide a favorable customer service position.

Regardless of position, most employees should uphold sanitation and organization to maintain a clean and safe work environment. Beyond this, different positions have different responsibilities, and understanding them is the first step in joining a team.


Baristas should be able to serve food items, but their focus is on coffee and other drinks.

A barista needs to be able to prepare and serve a variety of coffee, drinks, and food items promptly. They must also answer questions about the coffee menu, effectively presenting and explaining different options.


Not only do cashiers deal with most of the sales, but they act as the first point of contact for most customers. The cashier should maintain a pleasant interaction while managing cash or other financial transactions.

Cashiers are responsible for front-of-house duties and customer services, requiring them to be attentive and work quickly.

Catering Attendant

A catering attendant should be able to develop solutions in catering situations and meet customer needs as they execute these plans with proficiency. They work to deliver prepared foods to customers for specific events, regardless of the order size and scope.

While performing these tasks, a catering attendant must ensure safe food practices and move effectively to deliver, set up, and serve catering courses.


While a cook is an entry-level position, employees will learn how to prepare and present items off the menu during service hours. These tasks are not complex, but they must follow the prep list and menu options.

Cooks take part in daily operations such as bulk and catering preparation, receiving products, and customer assistance. In this position, you strive for consistency and professionalism.


Dishwashers (also known as porters) perform the kitchen duties of washing pots and dishes and general cleaning in the area, including appropriately storing food and other kitchen supplies.

This position bears the weight of maintaining clean and sanitized environments, including the kitchen, cafeteria, and loading dock.

Executive Chef

Executive chefs bear greater weight and must manage all the culinary functions for dining accounts, which require the oversight of the operation and management of the kitchen.

In this position, you are accountable for ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of the back of the house. You lead your teammates in prep, portioning, and other services.

Kitchen Supervisor

A kitchen supervisor will develop and execute different menus while training, supervising, and motivating the team.

The kitchen supervisor creates the standards that contribute to positive consumer experiences by supervising:

  • Food ordering, deliveries, and inventory
  • Menu creation and production
  • The development of new ideas
  • Safety and cleanliness systems

Kitchen supervisors are the ultimate team player.

How to Get a Job Working With Quest Food Management Services

There are plenty of ways to get into a new position on a Quest Food Management Services team, and you don’t even need to know which position you want beforehand.

If you know what you want to apply for, you can fill out the appropriate application on the recruiting page. It is also where you find available positions that are local to you.

Even if you fill out an application, attending a Quest Foods hiring event can ensure you get a 15-minute interview. Those that aren’t sure which position they want to apply for can use this time to ask questions and figure out which position works best.

Take the time to learn about the company culture and make sure this position is an excellent fit for you. It is the best way to find a team that builds you up and supports you in all ways.

Through their new text to Apply option, you can send your request faster. 

Just text QUESTFOOD to 25000 and apply today!