Fix [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f] Outlook Error in 5 Min

Fix [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f] Outlook

[Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f] error code is an indication on Outlook that something went wrong with the application or connection. If you wish to resolve it, be careful while fixing it, as incorrect troubleshooting actions can increase the problem. Incorrect configuration in the application settings can result in this error. Hence, checking and optimizing the Outlook settings might automatically remove this issue.

Errors are one of the biggest downsides of using computer applications, whether they appear on Outlook. If they arrive at the wrong time, your assignment will pause for a while. Such issues can also motivate you to avoid using a particular problematic application.

We will help you fix this error using some tips, but if our solutions don’t help, you can use the alternatives of MS Outlook. Many users prefer using the web version email instead of the application, which is even more secure.

What Triggers [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f] on Outlook?

Some factors, such as weak internet connectivity, bad system files, damaged application, or incorrect settings could awake this problem code Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f. Some users have patched this error by re-installing the software from scratch. It means, it can also arrive due to temporary issues in the application.

Now you have a basic idea of why this error happens, and let’s discuss what should you do when it appears.

Tips to Remove Outlook [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f] Error

1. Turn on server authentication

In most cases, it occurs due to server security problems, so changing the Outlook server settings might help in getting rid of the [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f] error code. To change the settings of the server, follow these tips:

  1. To start with, navigate to Outlook.
  2. Click on Open and then go to File.
  3. Select the Tools button, and then go to Account Settings.
  4. Make sure you have selected the E-mail button.
  5. Now please choose your email account.
  6. The email account popup should appear on your screen.
  7. Locate and select the More Settings link.
  8. Internet Email Settings will appear on your screen, so please go to the Outgoing Server.
  9. Find the option that reads ‘my outgoing server required authentication.’
  10. Ensure to select it and press ok to finalize all things.
  11. Now exit all applications and shut down your device.
  12. After a few minutes, you can start your device as well as run the Outlook app.

See if it is working normally now. The problem should be gone now, and the app must work efficiently without showing any warnings.

2. Disconnect Duplicate User Accounts to Fix [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f]

If you have mistakenly added the same account twice to the Outlook application, remove them to fix this Outlook issue. Logging in to the same account twice on MS Outlook may awake the error code Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f.

Please carefully identify which account you have logged in to twice and please delete one of them from the app. You have to make sure that you link a user account only at once with your email client. Adding the same credentials two times will cause errors.

Here is how to remove a duplicate user account from your email app:

  1. Please find your way to Outlook Menu and click on Tools.
  2. Now go to the Accounts option.
  3. Once you reach there, select the Mail icon.
  4. Carefully see if you have added any duplicate mail account.
  5. Please pick the duplicate account if available.
  6. Then go to Remove.
  7. It will sign out the duplicate account from the outlook application.

Voila, the problem may no longer happen as you have removed the duplicate accounts.

3. Repair Microsoft Office

If none of the above approaches work, you can repair the whole Office suite. Missing application files and damaged data might bring the Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f error. Therefore, repairing the complete utility is the most successful option. This is how you patch Microsoft Office on Windows:

  1. Search for the Control Panel program in the start menu.
  2. Then, open it and navigate to ‘apps and programs.’
  3. Go to the link that reads ‘uninstall a program.’
  4. Find your Outlook application from the list.
  5. Right-click it and select the ‘repair app’ button.
  6. Carefully read and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.
  7. Once the repairing process completes, you have to restart your device.

Now check if the error is improved. Since you have repaired Outlook, it must operate fluently from now on.

4. Use the Web Email to Remove [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f]

If the error still appears, you can start using the web addition of the email client. For example, you can use the web interface to access all your Google email accounts. This will be the most effective action to eliminate [Pii_Email_7c0c5a4c0f8ed133647f]. You won’t get this error on the web version as it only appears on the outlook program due to technical issues. However, if you wish to use the Outlook email client, we recommend you to contact Microsoft Office support to get this error resolved by the experts.

Last Words

As we have discussed in this article, Microsoft Outlook may show some errors, but you can troubleshoot them easily. Just remember the tips we have shared, and you are good to go.