Peacock TV Not Working: Fix this Issue in No Time

peacock tv not working

Peacock tv not working seems to be most heard error these days especially in United states. Peacock tv is an amazing video streaming service in US. It has enhanced features with series of films, sports, news etc. It was launched in 2020 with aim of full fledged entertainment. It has 3 tiers which are free, premium and premium gold. In premium, you have will have access to all features. 

Their are same third party content in peacock TV highly popular among people are – 

  • Warner bros 
  • Two and half men 
  • George .
  • Paramount network 
  • Matrix films 
  • Harry potter film 
  • HBO max 
  • Under cover boss 
  • Paramount pictures 
  • News channels like – Sky group, NBC news, bloomberg news. 

Causes of Peacock TV Not Functioning Properly

  • Internet issues 
  • Server issues 
  • Maybe the device is not working 
  • Maybe peacock app is not working 
  • maybe the country doesn’t support peacock tv 

Solutions to Peacock TV Not Working

1. Monitor the peacock app carefully

You can check the peacock website properly. There may be some server issues or it has been canceled all the related activities. You can also take third-party help to detect whether the website is fine or not. 

2. Start the peacock tv again if it is not working

Restarting can help a lot in solving most of the errors. It will automatically cancel all the apps working in the background will help you to avoid unnecessary glitches and errors that are causing your peacock tv to stop again and again. 

3. Check Internet connection 

Check internet connection should be properly organized. It should not be weak. For any online activity, it is crucial to have strong internet connection. Check your wifi router is working or not. You can also turn it off and on again after some minutes. 

4. Analyse wasteful files and cache

Wasteful files lead to issues, sometimes your phone storage is full of unnecessary, corrupt files which is making the app overloaded and making it unable to work well. Initiate deleting all unnecessary files properly. 

You can clear them by following the steps – 

  • Go to the settings of the app 
  • After that select peacock 
  • Click on the storage and then choose unnecessary files, click clear all 
  •  Here your device is now free from unnecessary caches. 

5. Reinstall the App if Peacock TV Not Working Error Appears

Reinstalling is another crucial solution every user should try to avoid unnecessary errors. Outdated apps lead to errors and viruses which can be a threat to the security of the app. It is advisable to uninstall the outdated app and reinstall the updated version from the Google play store or directly from the website. 

6. Check if your country is there 

As we are aware peacock tv is available only in some countries. It’s important to check if your country is there or not. It is not supported in some countries. It’s better to check if your country is there or not. 


However, the busy schedule of people had led to issues in their life, anxiety, and stress. At that moment we all search for something which can refresh our minds, make us active again, regaining the energy to work well again. Be it digital games, cartoons, or ott platforms we like them all to feel refreshed. Peacock TV is one such video streaming service that offers great quality entertainment in areas of movies, news, and sports. 

This blog is written to share a glimpse of peacock TV and how to solve its errors.