Make the Most of NEET Question Paper

Exams seem to be a daunting task for many students. If you plan to take up NEET, the competitive medical entrance exam, you must be prepared to commit to the preparatory phase with dedication and determination. Solving more and more question papers can be a less-stressed activity comparatively. They are the comprehensive way to practice, be it any exam.

Effective exam preparation includes different metrics and parameters. Mock tests are another facet of preparation, which mimics the actual NEET Question paper. To complete a curriculum it is vital and essential to clock your actions, manage time effectively.

Preparing for NEET with NEET Question Paper

Here are some points to note while preparing for NEET with question papers, sample papers and mock tests.

Know The Syllabus Well

Before getting to solve question papers, having complete knowledge of the syllabus for NEET is extremely important. Some tend to ignore this point and start solving papers after revising. Refrain from doing so. Since the entire question paper is based on the curriculum specified by the NTA (National Testing Agency), students are advised to visit the official website and be well-versed with it.

Take it seriously

When you start solving the paper, you must have the right attitude. Solve it as though you are solving the actual NEET question paper, with extreme seriousness. Try to give it your best, with whatever you have learned. Stay true to yourself, do not look out for any hint or clue. Also, try solving the paper in the same duration as the actual exam, 3 hours. If you answer this way, you can assess your preparedness, strong and weak points and take necessary action.

Draw up a plan

Your plan is going to make it or break it for you. So, you must come up with a robust and realistic plan. Formulate your strategies effectively and shrug off the unnecessary pressure. One of the first things to see is how much time you have before the test and how much of the syllabus is to be covered. Work hard and devote enough time to first learn and master the syllabus. Then start revising and solving papers, mock tests etc. These are some questions you would come across while planning –

1. How tough is the syllabus and the exam?

2. How much time is required to cover the specified syllabus?

3. What other books to refer to apart from the syllabus?

4. What must be the revision strategy?

5. How much time to allocate for each subject?

6. Should I practice only the chemistry and Physics section of the NEET paper?

7. Which books are good to study?

Some points to keep in mind –

1. Start as early as you can

2. Create an effective and realistic timetable

3. Start making your own crisp notes

4. Revision is a must. Have as many sessions of it as possible

5. Regularly solve previous years’ NEET papers

Frequent revisions with question papers and sample papers can be a game-changer for you. Once you complete your syllabus, revise from at least 2-3 papers each day. Ensure to practice and solve the paper within the stipulated time. Boost your accuracy levels and manage time effectively.

Find below the link to the video discussion of the NEET 2021 Question paper. Alternatively, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.