Is Alex Scott Lesbian? Know the Truth

It is normal to hear rumors about successful personalities since people are so obsessed with knowing about their background, relationship, and social nature. Be it an Indian or international celebrity, the public becomes excited when any rumor blows into the air. People are raking the Internet about Alex Scott’s background, especially her sexuality. The biggest query is, is Alex Scott lesbian or not?

In this article, we have included relevant information about Alex Scott’s relationship.

Is Alex Scott a Lesbian?

Alex Scott, an England and Arsenal footballer and sports narrator, has become one of the most recognized faces on British TV.

She is part of the lady’s center of excellence program that is part of the club’s history after scoring the winner. She is known as a highly experienced England international for Team GB at the Olympics.

Alex Scott is an open-minded and confident player who is always ready to answer her fan’s questions. However, she has opened up about her past relationship with Kelly Smith. We can say they were in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean Alex Scott is lesbian. Let’s dive into information for better understanding.

Alex Scott met her ex-partner Kelly Smith when they both signed for Arsenal in 2015. They lived together and moved to Boston to play soccer.

They didn’t label their relationship publicly. But yes, Alex Scott has written a memoir known as “first love,” though she expresses she is not afraid of being judged. Alex Scott is also praised for wearing a love LGBTQtQ top at the Qatar rally. These are some good reasons why people sometimes assume her a lesbian.

Scott’s story is about suffering and learning to live life, struggling for everything. Her life was difficult with her parents. She had mental health issues and always waited for true love; she is a fighter off the field.

Recently, she has been dating Sam Roberston, an actor popular for performing in the dream series Coronation Street.

She revealed publicly that funding love was difficult and confusing, but yes, she is out of that unhealthy relationship, giving her peace and stability.

That racist and sexist abuse from the internet trolls turned her addiction towards drinking more. However, she answered later that loving someone is not about gender, age, color, or other terms or conditions, and she found love in Kelly Smith because of their understanding, interest, and care. They both supported each other, which led them to fall for each other.

Why are fans interested in knowing if Alex Scott is Lesbian? 

As Alex Scott has said in public, “The world is not afraid of judging, but being judged. “

We live in a society where people want to know everything about others’ relationships. Though Alex Scott is confidently telling her first love was a girl and not afraid of being called “lesbian.” However, she found love again in Sam Robertson, which shows that Alex Scott is not lesbian.

But the question here is why should anyone be questioned over sexuality or relationship?

Everyone has the authority to choose and make a step. We fall for nature, stability, and care, not for who they are!