How Kingdom valley dominates Pakistan Real Estate Market

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a revolutionary housing society with state-of-the-art facilities. It is a bustle in Islamabad. Ghulam Hussain Shahid is the CEO of this housing society. He is well known for his development projects all over Pakistan. The only objective of this housing society is to transform the living association towards a lavish location near Islamabad Lahore M2 Motorway, just a few miles away from hustle and lifestyle. The CEO is working on this project by keeping a luxurious and progressive style of life in mind. The entire team is offering detailed consultancy and client support to potential investors.

How does it dominate the Real Estate Market?

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

This housing society is an initiative by Prime Minister Imran Khan, and it aims to provide 5 Million houses for homeless inhabitants in Pakistan. According to the vision of Prime Minister, Kingdom Valley Islamabad comes under the domain of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. As of now, it is the number of projects that successfully went through the official approval procedure. In partnership with the government, Kingdom Valley Islamabad would fulfill the hope of poor and homeless people with great zeal.

Furthermore, this project has created much hype due to its sponsorship by the Government of Pakistan. This project is designed by a team of professionals with experience in property development. Moreover, it offers numerous plots at a reasonable rate. Their payment plan stretches over four years with eight bi-annual payments with 40 monthly installments. Investors need to pay a precise amount, as per the size of the plot, as a down payment at the balloting time.

Status of NOC

NOC is the short form of the No Objection Certificate. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is now a legal housing project due to its approval of NOC under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme with a registration number of DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. Furthermore, the project received permission from Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management. With reputable CEO like Ghulam Hussain, the project did not face any legal hurdles while acquiring the NOC. The NOC is a mandatory document, which specifies that the project is a safe investment. After the NOC approval, the real estate experts have predicted that the rates of plots would increase in the future Get the list of best hill stations in the world and prepare your vacation plan accordingly.

Prime Location

When residents or investors place to acquire a certain property, Location becomes one of the significant factors. The only motive behind such a decision is the rationales such as easy access or fascinating scenery. This housing society is just near to Chakri Interchange right adjacent to M2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway. The Location of this project increases its value, as it is just a few miles away from other prominent housing societies in Islamabad, i.e. Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Qurtaba City. Moreover, it is only 5 km away from under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. The housing society is easily accessible through following routes

  • Almost half an hour drive away from International Islamabad Airport
  • 5 minutes away from Chakri Road
  • Only 20 minutes away from Adiala Road
  • Half an hour drive away from Chakbeli-Rawat Road

Mandatory Booking Documents

Before purchasing a property, it is important to verify its NOC status first. The interested investors need the following documents that are mandatory for the transparency of this housing society.

  • Purchaser’s National ID Card copy
  • Next to kin’s national ID Card copy
  • Passport size photograph
  • Cost of booking via Pay order, cheque, and cash.

Mandatory terms for booking a plot

  • If the investors are interested in purchasing a property with three edges free, a plot near to park, the main road boulevard, or a corner plot, the developers will charge 10% extra on the entire amount.
  • The payment plan, as of now, is for prelaunch. The rates will change after the completion of the project.
  • It completely depends on the project developers, whether they maintain or change the rates.
  • The patrons are only qualified for booking if they have provided all mandatory documents.
  • A residential plot is only applicable for residential usage, and the nonfulfillment to the necessary terms would cancel the booking.


The site of Kingdom Valley makes it an ideal choice for investment, ad it is easily accessible from prominent landmarks of the capital city. It is the perfect opportunity for potential investors to acquire properties at a low cost. Its association with the Naya Pakistan housing scheme makes it more worthy. Moreover, it has provided world-class facilities for its inhabitant, so that they live a quality life. The housing project comprises luxurious amenities, i.e. Botanical Gardens, Health Centers, and amusement parks. The investors willing to invest in this housing society may contact Estate Land Marketing. Our team consists of professionals who would personally guide you about the rates and payments of this project.

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