Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you planning your wedding soon? You might want to pick up some elegant and gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. Did you know 47% of brides chose the dress for the bridesmaid? So, as a bride, you have to choose the bridesmaid dresses correctly. You especially need to consider what your bridesmaid will like too as they will pay for the dresses.

You must be wondering how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress that blends well with you, isn’t it? Well, this article will give you valuable tips on choosing bridesmaid dresses. You’ll ensure you have your friends after your wedding, too, if you follow these tips to choose a flattering yet budget-friendly bridesmaid dress.

So, read on.

Tips On Choosing A Bridesmaid Dress

When choosing a bridesmaid dress, you need to consider some things to ensure a flawless treasure of dresses at your wedding. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to choose the best dresses for your bridesmaids:

Keep Costs In Mind

When looking for dresses, ensure you keep costs in mind. Your bridesmaid will be paying for the dresses. So, you need to bear their lifestyle in mind and accordingly fix a budget for your dress. A wedding involves several elements that you’ll need your bridesmaid for.

So, ensure the dress cost doesn’t skyrocket so much that they cannot enjoy the rest of the wedding. You can get various designs at affordable prices.

Shopping Experience

Think about the kind of shopping experience you want to give your bridesmaids and for yourself. This also depends on your personality. If you’re someone with strong opinions, you might shop alone or with one friend. Alternatively, if you like input and shop with a gang, give guidelines on colours and fabric and shop together.

You’ll have a holistic wedding experience when you shop with your bridesmaids. They’ll be able to see what fits their pockets, and you’ll be able to have an enjoyable experience with it. Plus, you’ll be able to hear your friends’ views and incorporate them.

Flatter Your Bridesmaid’s Figures

You need to choose dresses that will work well for all your bridesmaids’ body types. It might be a good idea to pick a colour and fabric and let your bridesmaid choose the dresses that work well for them. This is especially if you have bridesmaids with an array of different body types.

If you still want to choose a specific silhouette, ensure your gang can tweak it a bit to suit their comfort.

Consider Your Venue

When choosing a dress for your bridesmaids, it’s essential to consider your venue and theme as well. If you have a destination wedding on a hilly terrain where it gets cold, you might consider accessories like wraps and cover-ups.

Further, if you’re having the wedding on grass or uneven terrain, you might want your bridesmaids to avoid wearing pencil heels. They might prefer block heels or wedges.


Ultimately, choosing a bridesmaid dress is in your hands. So, you must choose something flattering yet pocket-friendly. Plus, it must be something that your bridesmaid will enjoy wearing and can wear to other occasions too. Ensure you choose a dress that matches your wedding theme and blends well with your dress.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be fun so long as you’re compassionate and let your bridesmaid also express their personal style. So, follow the tips and choose elegant dresses for your bridesmaids.