Purchase the Best Electric Bicycle this Festive Season

The new trend in the world of bicycles is the ‘e-bike’ or electrical bicycle and you can get your hands on one of these latest vehicles this festive season.

Purchase the Best Electric Bicycle this Festive Season

Bicycles have become the favourites of many people these days. Furthermore, what was once thought of purely as a utility vehicle is now a rising fad. With different bicycles available for various purposes from rough terrain riding to commuting in metros, bicycles are viewed as smart vehicles. What’s more, they do a lot for the environment as emissions are avoided. For travelling short distances, bikes offer you the advantage of quick travel in an eco-friendly manner. 

Apart from the conventional bikes you get today, you can also choose the latest electric bicycle, an innovation that gives you a boost while riding. You get the feel of a regular bicycle with a force that takes you faster. In terms of looks, ‘e-bikes’ look just as sleek as regular ones and their motors are hardly noticeable. It’s advantageous to know why they are a good buy and their features before you purchase a model.

An Electric Bike: A Good Idea

Since the concept of an electric bicycle is relatively novel, you find people asking what an electric bicycle is all about. It’s simply a bicycle that runs on an electric motor. This motor can be charged in advance. With the goal of making a vehicle that eliminates pollution, such as fumes from petrol etc., the electric bicycle offers two-wheeler transportation at a fairly quick pace. 

This new-generation plug-in bike is an affordable way to travel, and you get it easily from online retail portals such as the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at a marked-down price. With a wide variety on display, you can choose your e-bike with convenience and whether you select a men’s bicycle or a ladies bicycle, price will not be a problem as you get festive discounts right now. For the upcoming Navratri festival, you can get cashback vouchers of up to 5,000 INR on the EMI Store!

Features of an Electric Bicycle

There are some distinctive features of an electric bicycle you should be aware of before you decide to make your purchase: 

  • Help with Pedaling – Electric bicycles run on a powered ‘assist’ feature that acts when you start pedalling. The moment you push the pedals on such a cycle, a small motor starts working to give you enhanced power while you ride. It’s easy to zip up slopes and go downhill with ease and speed as a consequence. You will discover that cruising over rough terrain is also a breeze. Moreover, pedalling won’t take the steam out of you. The advantage you get is that you manage your speed (just like in a traditional cycle) but with more power to accelerate. 
  • Throttle Feature – Apart from the feature of the ‘assisted pedal’, some electric cycles are fitted with a throttle. This is activated by a motor that turns on with the push of a button. This is an electric bicycle that falls within a separate classification of electric cycles and doesn’t offer a pure cycling experience. Such cycles may not be available everywhere. 
  • Affordable Speed – Electric bicycles let you travel at a pace that you control. The more robust your pedalling is, the faster you will go. However, if you ride at a comfortable pace, you won’t feel exhausted very soon and will be able to ride for a longer time and a greater distance. Nonetheless, these aren’t equipped to go at the speed of normal scooters, and your speed is limited to 20 – 25 miles per hour, no matter how hard you try to pedal. Speeds of electric bicycles depend on the model you buy, varying from one model to the next. 
  • Different Types – As with regular bicycles, you get electric bicycles of varied types and purposes. You can get a ladies bicycle, price being as high in some brands as a men’s vehicle, and types are also categorized by use, such as mountain electric cycles and recreational cycles. 

The Latest Electric Bicycle at a Click

The festive season is the ideal time to buy a ladies bicycle at lowest price from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can choose from a variety of electric cycles, and on top of existing discounts, you get offers of up to 30% cashback for Navratri. Here are some models of electric bicycles you can check out online.

  • GoZero GZ-S3 Skellig Pro Dual Disc Brake – With 7 speeds you can select, this is an electric bicycle that is durable and in demand. It can travel up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.
  • Motovolt KIVO Regular – Taking you to distances of up to 70 km on a full charge, this bike can travel at 25 km/h. 
  • Motovolt HUM Mid-Range – A strong bicycle that can take you at a speed of 65 km/h, it’s one of those electric cycles that has an immense amount of power-packed in its advanced motor. 
  • Hero Lectro Clix 26T SS – This is a single-speed cycle with a throttle that lets you cruise at a cool 6 km/h and reaches maximum speeds of 25 km/h. In pedal mode, you can go up to 30 km/h. 

It was never simpler for you to purchase an electric bicycle than it is today from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can avail of the No Cost EMI option by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and avail of festive offers such as cashback vouchers.