A Comprehensive Guide To Women’s Footwear

Are you planning to gift a pair to your friend who has a shoe fetish? Or, do you want to buy some gorgeous footwear to match your favorite dress? Whatever might be the case, there’s more to women’s footwear than what meets the eye.

Get this: Ladies Shoes come in an astounding variety and they are all quite different from each other. There are over 64 different types and styles to choose from. So, it can become slightly difficult to score the right pair.

And, this is where an exhaustive guide to ladies’ footwear comes in handy. This read will take you through some of the jazziest, must-have shoes.

 Women’s Footwear Style Guide

While you are free to pick any footwear style, here are a few shoe types that are too good to miss.

  1. Pumps

It won’t be wrong to regard Pumps to be the queen of women’s footwear. Their versatility is such that you can wear them on any occasion, big and small – to the office, your friend’s New Year cocktail party, or even to the airport.

Moreover, you’ll find pumps available in every color there is, so you won’t have to worry about any mismatch. If you don’t like owning more shoes than necessary, pumps are what you need.

  1. Kitten Heels

The slender heel size makes kitten heels a top performer in the ladies’ office footwear category. They are elegant and can ooze sophistication with ease. However, the best part has to be the high levels of comfort that kitten heels guarantee.

A mainstay across top designer labels, opt for kitten heels to give your workplace attire that extra glitz.

  1. Ballerina Flats

Not everyone can sashay their way through the day on heels – and that’s what makes ballerina flats a must-have on every woman’s shoe rack. They are super comfortable to wear, and they pair just as well with gowns as they do with a jeans-and-shirt ensemble.

At times, they can surprise you with how long they can last. Want to buy shoes that you can wear all day, every day.  Grab a pair of ballerina flats, and you’re all set!

  1. Boots

Thigh boots, ankle boots, gladiator boots, riding boots, heeled boots – whatever the type, they sure can make heads turn. Boots are a particularly excellent choice during winters, as you can ensure that your feet and legs are well-protected from the cold.

Their sturdiness means that you can wear them on outdoor adventures, and the timeless charm they exude, coupled with a glamour, also makes boots red-carpet-worthy footwear.

No matter what your shoe preferences are, you’ll always benefit from owning a chic pair.

  1. Sneakers

If you want to give your wardrobe of the day a nice facelift, put on a pair of sneakers. That’s the magic – sneakers can immediately make you look chic and modern. Thus, it’s no surprise that these days, you can spot women donning them at all places, from the fashion week runways to the downtown streets.

Head to the stores, find sneakers you love and snap them up. They are always worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

This is not the end of the variety of Ladies Shoes! You can consider loafers if flats are – well – a bit too flat for your liking. If you are a veteran in rocking the walk with heels, turn on your A-game with a pair of killer stilettos.

Go for strapped sandals if you like old-school, or keep things simple and suave with Mary Janes. Take formal footwear to a different level with a sharp-looking pair of Oxfords.

So, give your shoe rack a good, long glance, find out what’s missing, and hit the shops.

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