6 Best Things to do in Palm Springs

Ever wondered what exactly you would do in Palm Springs? One thing is for sure that the city has a lot to offer when it comes to its tourist attractions.



Palm Springs is located in the Southern Desert of southern California. As the name suggests, the city is best known for its hot springs, golf courses, hotels, and spas. As you progress through the city caricature, you will stumble across mid-century-modern architectures too! 

As you travel across, you will also find the famous Palm Canyon, a shopping district along the drive that features interior design shops, restaurants, and vintage boutiques. It’s more than safe to say that the city is packed with exciting new adventures for you to experience. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or even with your loved ones, there is always something in Palm Springs for you. These are the 6 best and unique things to do if you ever decide to travel to Palm Springs.  

1.      Alexander Estate: 

You may have heard of the famous singer Elvis Presley, but I bet you probably did not know the fact that they used the Alexander Estate as a honeymoon spot to escape from society to this serene and secluded paradise. 

If you are a big fan of midcentury modernism, the ‘House of Tomorrow’ as they nicknamed it, is an important place to visit with its unique layout, which is interestingly connected to The King. And not surprisingly, it was the architecture of the place that attracted the Presleys to the place, to begin with. And you just can’t blame them after witnessing the perfect 1960s splendor.  

2.      Palm Canyon Drive (North): 

The classic and infamous shopping district of Palm Springs, the Palm Canyon drive is filled with shops, art galleries, and restaurants to beat your hunger. It runs all the way over the center of town and has about everything you could want, thanks to the extrapolated amount of entertainment options available. 


To the north of the city specifically, you will be taken through a pristine desert before being abruptly turned into the thoroughfare of the city. This is the area that is surrounded by tall palms and incredible businesses. You can also find numerous theatres, historic sites, and museums in this part of the city.  

3.      Idyllwild: 

This lovely place is among three unincorporated communities in Riverside County, California. Being the largest of the three, it sure has more than you can imagine with the bustling modern life. Its biggest asset is the national park which has over 50 trails for you to explore! From renting out a bike for a leisurely ride to rock climbing on more rugged terrain, the place is infused with many such activities. 

If you are not a fan of rock climbing or biking, hike through the forest, which will take you by mountain streams with a good view of the Coachella Valley below. Truly a treat! 

4.    Living Desert Zoo and Gardens: 


If you are in the mood for wildlife viewings, definitely visit The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. The animals there, along with other exhibits, glorify the perfect desert ecosystem from Africa and Australia. Originally established as a wildlife reserve in 1970, its scope has increased to the point where you can now admire over 500 animals, including bobcats, cheetahs, and mountain lions. 

Apart from the amazing animals, the place is also home to beautiful gardens with some focus on palms and cacti. You can also find other biomes of either the Mojave or Sonoran deserts.  

5.      Air Museum: 

Have you ever wondered what aircraft were like a couple of centuries ago? Well, this is the place for you! With a massive collection of incredible military aircraft, the museum also contains other artifacts that showcase the role of the pilots and planes in WW2. 


Established in 1996, the museum owns one of the biggest war aircraft collections on the entire planet! You can stroll around in admiration at the forty or so jets and also climb inside of a great bomber. Besides that, you can also watch flight demonstrations overhead. 

6.      Escape rooms: 

And lastly, Palm Springs has a plethora of escape room adventures for you to enjoy. Whether you want to bond with family or fool around with some friends, Palm Springs has you covered with their unique escape room themes and storylines.

Generally, escape games last for an hour, in which you and your friends or family will be locked inside a room. This game required you to search every corner for clues, solve that puzzle and get yourself and your teammates out of the room within a time limit.


Those were some of the best things to do in Palm Springs. Whether you want to steam off in a hot spring or experience the wildlife of Africa and Australia in one place, Palm Springs is truly a delicacy of the modern USA. Like any escape room, this place is truly an escape from the burdens of the real world with its architecture, wildlife, and shopping districts.