10 Types of Incense Sticks That are Trending in the Market

Incense sticks are incensed cones that are burned for their fragrances. They have a long history in many different cultures, and they provide aromatherapy benefits to the people who enjoy them as well as those who simply pass by incense-stoked areas. Many incense sticks are available in the market today, and some of them have a very pleasant fragrance. What is your favorite incense stick scent? Some people like to keep their incense sticks with a woodsy scent, while others prefer floral scents. Every passing day new incense businesses are taking place in the market. They are offering new fragrances for the incense to make them irresistible for the audience.

Moreover, they use Incense Packaging Wholesale for these products. They mention flavor on the packaging box so people can find them from a distance. Do you know that what are the trendiest incense fragrances available in the market? If not, you are at the right place because, in this blog post, I will talk about ten types of fragrant incense sticks that are trending in the market right now.

Types of Incense Sticks

There are incense sticks with a wide range of fragrances that people like to use. Some incenses offer traditional scents, while others have more unique fragrances such as:

Tangerine Incense Sticks:

These incense sticks have a very refreshing and sweet fragrance. You can feel the aroma of tangerine as soon as you light one up. These incense also come with healing properties that make them more favorable to people who want incense for meditation purposes. Plus, they are made from natural ingredients, which makes them healthier than normal incense.

The best thing about these is that their fragrances last for long hours, so you don’t need to use many of them at once. It’s such a boon when you know how much stronger regular incenses smell if not burned properly. A few Tangerine incense sticks go a long way to give a refreshing home or office.

CBD Incense Sticks:

These incense sticks are completely different than the incense sticks mentioned above. They are made from CBD, which is a chemical found in marijuana that offers many benefits to those who use it medicinally.

Rather than using incense fragrances, these incense sticks just give off an earthy smell with no fragrance at all. So, it’s perfect for people trying to avoid any strong smells while still getting some kind of therapeutic benefit from their incenses.

Rosewood Incense Sticks:

Rosewood incenses are perfect for people who want the fragrant and soothing smell of rose. In addition, these incense sticks have a sense of purity that can help promote relaxation in those around them. They’re also great for times when you need to make an important decision or clear your head from any worries.

Aloes wood Incense Sticks

Aloes wood is widely considered some of the best incenses out there, with their scent often being compared to perfume. This is due to its high cost as well as its ability to offer peace and tranquility while still offering up a pleasant fragrance that’s not too strong – making this a good option for use at home or work without worrying about overwhelming others nearby.

Patchouli Incense Sticks

Patchouli is a type of incense with an earthy scent that’s often described as being plant-based. This means it has a woodsy smell to it, making for the perfect choice when you want something more natural than synthetic.

Cedar Incense Sticks

It is often called the king of incense. Cedar can be found throughout many different cultures and religions around the world due to how popular its usual aroma is among those who enjoy them. These types are usually made from juniper or pine tree resins which give off scents reminiscent of Christmas trees.

Clean Air Incense Sticks

Some people believe that burning incenses in your home will help purify the air – but this is not always true, as incenses come with a whole host of environmental issues. That said, Clean Air incense sticks are made without chemicals and are often used in meditation spaces for their clean scent.

Clove Incense Sticks

You’ve probably seen clove incense at some point or another – it comes from the natural oils that are found on the skin of this type of evergreen tree which produces an earthy smell similar to cinnamon bark. These types can also be antimicrobial thanks to their properties which make them great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Coconut Incense Sticks

These types may have originated with Hindu culture, where they use coconut oil (that has been treated specifically) mixed into bamboo sticks along with herbs, incense powders, and resins. These are generally used in the morning because of their energizing aroma, which helps you wake up if it is cold outside or before bed, as they can help give a calming effect to one’s mind.

Cinnamon Incense Sticks

The incenses that come from cinnamon sticks have been burning for centuries for protection against evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians used incensed animal fat (like beeswax) mixed with other natural oils like sandalwood to create fragrant smoke that was thought to drive away bad omens – these types also carry healing properties due to the high levels of cinnamic acid found within them, so this type may be great for people who suffer from arthritis or other joint pain.

Cinnamon incense sticks are also great for boosting the mood and creating a sense of well-being – they contain powerful antioxidants like cinnamic acid, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as eugenol, which is known to promote feelings of happiness and contentment with life in general.


Incense sticks have been used for centuries to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. They are also thought to ward off bad omens, promote healing properties, or boost mood and well-being levels. That is why it is one of the most trending products in the market.

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